Giuliana Rancic

Anchor, E! News

What are some of your healthy routines?
I used to work out a lot and then I stopped two months ago because I hurt my hip a little bit strolling the baby around the neighborhood. I stopped going to the gym and stopped working out, so now I just walk. I walk around the neighborhood or through the park. I haven’t been doing weights; I lost all of my muscle. It’s okay though, because I’m with the baby and I don’t want to take time out of the day to go to the gym or work out when I could be spending that time with him. So for now it’s working for me. I think because I’m not working out all the time, I’m not as starving and famished as I used to be. I feel very balanced. I have what I have and there’s no pressure to be like, “Oh, I worked out. I have to eat within thirty minutes!” Now I just kind of live my life, and I notice that I still weigh the same and look the same as I did when I was working out. I hope I’m not the poster child for “don’t work out,” but right now I’m taking a little break.
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