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Who want to go on a dinner date or whatever and after nice romantic dinner you and your date bring someone along which probably your child in your stomach I don't know..... or a.k.a. "pregnancy woman".I mean if you gets it.It's "A Bloating" nobody wants you Bloating,and he's seem not going anyway,so we need to reduce him.
According to I seeking for the easiest way to reduce bloating.
Don't Eat Too Fast.
Eating quickly and not chewing your food well can cause air swallowing that leads to bloating, says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet.
So slow down and enjoy your food. Your meals should last at least 30 minutes. Also, keep in mind that digestion begins in the mouth and you can decrease bloating just by chewing your food more, Blatner says.
Don't Overdo Carbonated Drinks.
The fizz in carbonated drinks (even diet ones) can cause gas to get trapped in your belly, Blatner says.
Instead, drink water flavored with lemon, lime, or cucumber. Or just reduce the number of fizzy drinks you consume each day. Try some peppermint tea for a soothing beverage that may help reduce bloat.
Don't Overdo Chewing Gum.
Chewing gum can also lead to swallowing air, which can cause bloating.
If you've got a gum habit, alternate chewing gum with sucking on a piece of hard candy or eating a healthy, high-fiber snack like fruit, vegetables, or lower-fat popcorn.
Eat Smaller Meals More Often
Instead of three big meals per day, try eating smaller meals more often. This can keep you free of the bloated feeling that often follows large meals (think Thanksgiving). Eating more frequently can also help control blood sugar and manage hunger.
Those steps are super easy if you can do it he's not going anyway.He'll be come after you for the rest of your life.........I'm just kidding but! we still don't want him to ruin your perfect night! xx


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