I had a crazy amazing dream last night and I wish it rally happens to me !I dreamed that I have a brunch with a beautiful colored woman and when I look at her face yes she is Tyra Banks the powerful woman ,and then he one who's sitting beside me is Bryanboy !I almost passed out !because they're one of those inspiring people that I look up to and guess what we have a brunch at Paris!!! I don't know where in Paris but only I can tell it's amazing stunning place !There's a beautiful chruch beside this restaurant but of course we're sat outside because we want to breathe the beautiful environment!lol.I remembered that Tyra was wear the Chanel pink tweed jacket and skirt with her fierce eyes and Bryan wear his signature look and cool sunglasses as always,and I was wearing me style.
And we talked about things....,and in the end of my dream they coming to say goodbye at the airport and Tyra gave me a big hug! hahaha I was so happy(in my dream). FINGER CROSSED !!!!!! xx



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