Hello Spring,Do you love my faux-fur vest? Lemme wear it to Coachella.

Hello Spring ,Do you love my faux-fur vest ?

The neutral color is statement for every season in my opinion and for sure everyone love to wear shorts and some cool tank together ughhh..h everybody wears it,so maybe you'll see yourselves walk pass you by.Why don't we put on our faux-fur vest to be very chic and functional for some who want to cover the boobies boobs, and what if weather get hotter throw it out! (Not throwwwww them away to the trash no please dont get me wrong) To be colorful and rich ( :P) by wear an ocean-colors kind of jewelries and mix up with leather or gold cuff/bracelet. And you can wear it to Coachella if you want to just say it. I really to experience it once but not worth to spend money for ticket to fly a half world right now,but maybe one day just wanna know how it feel.



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