{Soon Former Elle US Magazine "KING"}

Following lots of speculation, Yahoo confirmed Monday morning that it has indeed poached Joe Zee from Elle to head up a new digital fashion magazine.
His role is a large one. According to the media company, the former Elle creative director has been named editor in chief and executive creative officer of Yahoo Fashion, as well as editor at large for Yahoo Beauty, which is being led by Bobbi Brown.
As such, he’ll lead vision, creative direction and development of the new site, contributing new video series, original programming and special events. He’ll also contribute regularly to Yahoo’s beauty coverage.
“I have always embraced technology and innovation in everything I do — from making a magazine, to executive producing and hosting my television shows, to writing my books. So, the chance to combine all of these passions at Yahoo during a period of tremendous innovation and transformation is a dream,” says Zee in a statement.
Given Zee’s latest extracurricular ventures — TV shows, books and a QVC line — we imagine he won’t be staying behind the scenes at his new gig. It sounds like Yahoo is banking on his status as a well-known personality in the public eye, in addition to his talent in translating high fashion for the masses. It will be interesting to see how this new Yahoo vertical takes shape (Yahoo is calling it a “digital magazine”) — and whom Zee brings on to form its editorial team.


He's my all time favorite Fashion-er ,editor & person. I love watching 'All on the line' his show was give me alot of perspectives. I am pretty sure that Joe definitely turn YAHOO FASHION to one of fashion website that will be most spectacular one out there.XX


  1. I am a big fan of his work, he is so talented. He will do great at this new position.

    1. Me too !! :)
      Hope the best for him xx


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