Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.

Hello! Bonjour! 
My name is Juliette and i’m a french artist.
I’ve moved house a lot as a kid -and since i flew out of the family nest, I’ve kept on moving houses. I’ve been living in Paris for 3 years and a half now, but i lived in Paris for 10 years before -and lived in Marseille for 4 years in between. Before that i lived in several cities in France, in London, UK, too and spent a few months in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I’ve always been extremely lucky regarding my houses and apartments. I can’t believe how lucky i am. Since i came back to Paris, i’ve been living in a tiny house with a garden. It’s very small -but everything, especially houses, is very small in Paris- but it’s a real house, and i have roses and bamboos in my little garden just as if i was in a small village in the country. And still, i’m 20 minutes away (by bike) from the center of Paris! I love Paris, and i love living in Paris. The only other places where i’d like to live today are Brooklyn, NY, and Bangkok, Thailand. 

Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.

I studied industrial design in an art school. As a kid, i wanted to be a hostel tenant. To be able to write in a very large book and meet plenty of nice people from all around the world. As a teenager i got into fashion. As a nearly adult, i finally fell in love with products design, and i’ve been so since. Being very curious about the world and about food, i started playing around with food at an early age. A few years ago, i fell back into it and i’ve been playing with food ever since. I’d say my style is… very eclectic, but always bound to be FUN. I like clean and square stuff, although i always find myself doing « un-clean » stuff. I like to see what the world offers to me, and add a little thing to it only. I love the almost invisible things that make you think something is « normal » while it’s super fun and « different » instead. I love colors, I love words, I love stories and I love fragrances. These are my greatest influences. A word can make me laugh and give me an idea. A color can make me feel like building a shape. A fragrance can bring a story to my mind… Above all, what makes me do things, the energy of my creation, is JOY. I believe in happiness as a source of energy. I believe in fun, in laughter, and in surprises. 

Since you away to Italy tell us next place you want to travel to (and why).
I’d love love love to go back to Bangkok. I’ve been there only twice but it’s the first city which which i felt «  love at first sight ». When i got there for the first time every single thing pleased me. Even the mess, the crowds, mad traffic… Absolutely every single thing. I keep on dreaming of living there for a while.
As you said, i’m just back from Italy, and my next travel will be a small one, to Marseille, south of France, where i have tons of brilliant friends. I love going back there. It’s a tough city, but there are many treasures in it for the ones that can see them. 
After that, i don’t have plans yet but there are many places where i’d love to go. Iceland (i went there 10 years ago and loved it), Japan, Hong-Kong, Ethiopia, California… And many many others.

What is your favorite magazine?
My absolute favorite is Apartamento, and i dream of working for them. I love online magazines too, like Freunde Von FreundenIn The MakeHello SandwichFine Little DayKitka, and my friend Ai’s blog. 

Tell us about JulietteSurprise what is it exactly.
JulietteSurprise is the name i chose to show my work and tell the world about it. I like the sound of it, as in french it sounds like « pochette surprise » , which means « lucky dip ». I love the idea that my brain is a « lucky dip ». Ask me whatever you need, and you’ll get a happy surprise. Be it an image, illustration, photography, visual identity, edible stuff, a story, accessories… I do that  for brands, individual people (like a journalist, a ceramic artist, a vegan food chef…), tv series… I welcome anyone and everyone’s demands! Working creates surprises for my own self too, which is why i love it.

When did you start JulietteSurprise?
JulietteSurprise is online since a few weeks ago only. It’s brand new! I started working as a freelancer designer/artist/creator a few months ago, although i’ve always kept on creating, even when i was working for others (as a buyer for design shops for instance).

What  is JulietteSurprise's next project?
I have so many surprises in the make :-) ! 
I’m currently working on writing short stories, drawing tableware, taking pictures for a parisian creation studio for kids, inventing recipes for kids too… So many things to come and play with! Keep in touch on 
+ I’m open to any commission! Please get in touch. I’d love to invent a fun surprise for YOU!

Where can we find JulietteSurprise(websites,instagram,twitter etc.)?

Come and get in touch! 


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