AIRPORT SURVIVOR by yanisa-nach featuring Hershey's

I've been read a blog about one man who travel to NYC by himself with the cheapest airline (I'm not going to tell which airline :P ) and unfortunately his flight was delay which affect to his plan and also his connecting flight as well. And like he thought earlier his bag was actually delay and during that time was New Year's Eve which mean chaotic situation everywhere. So only thing he have was a sweater! 
So I was thinking like imaginary what if that situation happens to myself ! 
Here's the list of cooool stuff I will keep by my side ! and be my wing-men ! 

1. ACNE STUDIOS BETA FLOCK OVERSIZE SWEATER{cool sweater to make you look chic and keep warm/cozy}
2. ACNE STUDIOS MAPE SCUBA LEATHER JACKET{no regret about leather jacket thing...because it's keep you super warm and stylish}
3. PYRUS STUDIO IKAT PRINT TROUSERS{to torn down the super duper fashionable piece try some print which lil'bit dark shade and comfy}
4. JEFFREY CAMPBELL DELOISE BOOT{nice boots for whole trip will be fine.... xx}
5. MULBERRY ALEXA SATCHEL{Giant and huge compartment will keep everything(stuffs) together}
6. VIXTORINOX SWISS ARMY MAVERICK GS-GOLDEN{you need to know what time is now ! in case ur phone went to sleep mode...}
7. MONCLER OPTICAL GLASS{if you always wearing contact-lenses... try to wear glass instead while you flying }
8. RMS BEAUTY - BURITI BRONZER{bronzer help ur skin look so gold and healthy and cleannnn....n}
9. KORA ENRICHED BODY LOTION{if u can only grab one beauty's..... choose the one that organic and actually can use for an entire body}
10. HERSHEY'S MILK CHOCOLATE{a little chocolate never hurt nobody }
11.LIPSTICK {choose ur fave shade !}


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