Ever since we've talked about Snoopy and his sister make their way on the top fashionable sibling.
Now Snoopy currently one step further than his lovely sister 'Belle'.
He's make his signature look on Rolex watch.

The awesome collaboration of Snoopy himself and Bamford watch department Rolex.

When Bamford Watch Department announced their collaborative piece with pop art design house Rodnik Band—on the much-loved cartoon character Snoopy—word spread like wildfire. Bamford Watch Department chose a Rolex Datejust to customize for this special project. The collection—limited to just 25 pieces—comes in two colorways: MGTC Black and MGTC Light Grey. Front and center on the dial stands Charles Schultz's Peanuts favorite dog Snoopy, sporting sunglasses with each arm functioning as the watch hands. It's high-end but humorous and appeals to collectors at heart.    - CoolHunting


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