Her signature is well known by the colors and textures.And since a few years ago I read her article on Elle or Vogue I'm not so sure, but it really catch my eyes eventhough I love minimalist and kind of Scandinavian design, but Tory's house and flagship store are amazing the colors and details is way perfect ! And well Modani have a similar pieces that I can find and try to coordinate my room to look similar to "TORY'S STYLE"  
Modani has many more modern furniture pieces like the ones I have chosen to reflect my personal style in a living room. You can also go to any of their modern furniture stores in the United States and Canada with more opening soon.

And of course outfit of the day when you at home or have some visitors .
The shirt that you can wear with skirt ,shorts or jeans and for this kind of weather try work it out with black boots !! xx


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