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Since the last influencer I've had an interview, I hardly find anyone who can inspire me, but today I bring you a girl behind Youtube channel calls "A FASHION". When I first saw the videos on youtube I thought oh well Vogue or Elle might have started new kind of socials platform to get the runway vibe like FTV, but later on I found out that only one Swedish girl who behind all of these awesomeness video(s)! So!, I have to interview her ! And here we go... xx

1.Please introduce yourself to the people of internet :)
2.Since when you start your channel?
3.How come that you start your channel about models instead of talking about yourself for example like “My everyday make-up routine”, “Get ready with me” etc.,because your skills are beyond than some of other youtubers these days to be honest?
4.What‘s your inspiration?
5.Who is by far your most favorite model?
6.Any male model video coming up soon?
7.If yes, who you will start with?
8.Let’s talk about something else xx what’s your most favorite lip color?
9.And what about perfume??
10.Any tips to someone out there who want to start doing something that they love?

1. My name is Anna Davidsson, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Sweden. I grew up in a family of 5, it’s me, my mum Louise, my dad Peter, my younger sister Emelie and my younger brother Oscar. Of course my biggest passion is fashion and editing but I’m also really passionate about writing, in high school I wrote a book called “The Imperfect Truth”, it’s about a girl struggling with depression and her way back to a healthy and good life. My sister works as a model and has walked in shows such as Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garcons. My brother is a soccer player and he recently got a scholarship to a college in Florida!  
2.  I started my YouTube channel in 2011. At that point I didn’t really know that much about editing, I remember that I just took some pictures of models from google and putted together small collages with some music in the background.
3. I’ve always had a huge interest in fashion and for some reason I’ve always been so blown away by all the stunning models. I remember watching Fashion TV as a teenager and how I thought “I want to make videos like that”.  When I started in 2011 I don’t think there were so many “makeup routine” videos and even if I would have started my channel today I wouldn’t of have made videos like that, it’s not really my thing. I don’t have the need to show the world what kind of makeup I use or where I buy my clothes.
4.I find inspiration everywhere, in fashion magazines, on YouTube, from advertising campaigns, blogs etc.
5.Gemma Ward for sure. She is beyond this world with her stunning face! She’s got something that nobody else does.
6.I’ve been thinking a lot about making male model videos or just videos focusing on male fashion. It won’t happen this year, but keep your eyes open, male fashion might appear on A FASHION during 2016!
7. I’ll keep that a secret for now J
8. Nothing beats a red lip!
9.  My favorite perfume is Chanel Chance.

10.I think that if you’re really passionate about something you can go far. I mean I started from the bottom and now A FASHION has become a popular YouTube channel. I never ever thought that I would get so much attention and great response from people around the world. You have to work hard and set up goals along the way, but most important, believe in yourself and have fun!


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