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I've been subscribed to SammiQuinn's channel for a while ago.
I feel inspired by her style every time that I watched her videos.
She's made the whole new level to youtube channel at least for me I think she's different from others in the way she edited her videos and the content she put together to her channel! 
So, I asked her a few questions to give you guys a new inspiration in some way and to feel the new fresh air around here on this blog as well...If you know what I mean lol xx
Here we go.... x

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I discovered your channel by NYC vlog and you’ve said that you currently studying in fashion. Can you tell us more about what are you studying and why you choose this major?
I'm studying fashion business management at the fashion institute of technology. I chose this major because I hope to have my own company one day in the fashion industry. I'm also interested in both the business and creative aspects of the industry. This semester my classes range from intro to the fashion industry to a course in Microsoft excel.
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And your beauty video with Glossier it’s so minimal and easy, but yet still looks perfectly well done! Is this your everyday make up routine? No, my everyday routine is different. I typically do a winged liner.

What is the most favorite and priceless piece you’ve ever bought? I don't have one favorite piece! My style is always changing so my favorite changes weekly.

What is your favorite perfume? Right now I've been wearing geranium by diptique everyday.
Three words to describe your style. weird, vintage, me
Two words to identify who you really are. I can't identify myself in two words!!!
One word to identify NYC in your perspective. amazing
What is your Instagram username????!  sammi.quinn
Please tell us, one person you would love to suggest everyone to follow. I love tony_gum on Instagram currently

 sammi quinn - instagram

 sammi quinn - instagram


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