Of course, she's beautiful. But the way I found her channel was via "MANGO BAG" really haha.
I looking for someone who's featured Mango bag on the video, so I can decide whether I should buy it or not(I did but it guys) because I'll buy it online so I want to see kind of 3D of the bag if you know what I mean! haha Yeah after that I kind of impressed the way she is xx
So let's get to know herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah!!!

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You are so beautiful! Do you have any beauty secrets? Can you tell us? xx
Thank you! I drink about a million glasses of water a day. I always remove my make up as soon as I am indoors because it is important to let our skin breathe. 

What is your favorite lip color at the moment!?
I am really loving red lips. I have actually filmed a few makeup videos on my Youtube channel using dark colours! 

What is your favorite nail polish color and which brand you will recommend!?
I like neutral colours. My favourite nail polish is Barry M's nail polish because they have such a large variety of colours. 

What is your favorite perfume?
My favourite perfume at the moment is the Versace Bright crystal. 

I assumed that you live in London so, where is the most awesome spot for any kind of place to hang out for a cup of coffee or a tea?
 London is amazing. You should definitely check out winter wonderland and this cool non-alcoholic bar called "redemption" 

This is kind of a difference situation from what you posted on you blog, but what is your favorite song of the moment?
I am obsessed with Justin Beiber's new album "purpose" and cannot stop listening to "love yourself". It basically encourages women to be comfortable in their own skin. 

Ok Christmas is coming very soon! What is your ideal gift for your best friends!?
My ideal gift for a friend would be a dainty friendship bracelet to remind them of our relationship! 

Please tell us your social media(s)? Where can we find you!!? :) 
my instagram is @Manoosa92 and my Youtube is Manoosa Far. 
I also have a blog called


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