Why gay takes way better Instagram picture than me? | An article by Yanisa Yimsuwan #inspiration

Why gay takes way better Instagram picture than me?

- Article by Yanisa Yimsuwan-

                This might sound insulting, but trust me I am not insulted or offended anyone or any person who LGBTQ. And I know this is a very delicate subject to talk about, but I’ve followed many gay Instagrammer and to be honest since people freak out about Instagram had been changing the way they use an algorithm for the appearance in the news feed, it had given me the vibes of ‘Oh my!!! Do I need to freak out too???! Sh*t!!’, so it excited me basically. I have been even more curious about their vision and how they earned that, since I always have been curious about that like forever. If I have to pick a few of my favorite, definitely they’re all gay Instagrammer, yes all of their accounts I will turn on the notification.
                And then that’s how I started wondering why they mostly have a much better vision than others, in my opinion, it’s very frustrating me, to be honest. I want to have an incredible vision like them, and on this subject we’ve excluded the filter part, we not count on that. The way they see a thing and the way they present it. It’s so unique and raw, I don’t even know how to explain it to you guys. But please go check some of their Instagram, honestly, one of them is my role model (HINT: MF). If you want to know who to follow just going to my Instagram and see who I following, you’ll find loads of them. They're all incredible and pure creative.
Images belong to Starecasers (One of my favorite xx)

                I think because since some of the people still skeptical in LGBTQ community (Let’s be honest). Sometimes in someone’s situation, life become harder to lives on and it took a lot of encouraging to fulfill their everyday life. Since that subject matter when one is brave and be true to themselves it was like they are reaching the flag of victory ahead of anybody, so their opinion and their aspiration are differences than us. And again this is my opinion, so no offense. They just let themselves grow and glow, they show it all, they do not hide, they let the bright shine. But we, a person who lives life as usual and boring like there’s nothing to be afraid and oh there’s no one who skeptical in us or in our gender, well you’re not live the life you want. You only live the life like you want to be accepted by others, so you don’t let your mind grow and glow because you afraid of what others might think of you. 
Images belong to Starecasers (One of my favorite xx)

    I don’t know how can I bring up the story about an Instagram picture and went to life theories. I really have no idea. But once again I have to say this is only my opinion and I wrote this articles because I honestly adore their vision, because they gave me inspiration and aspiration like no one could. So I just have to you know… xx



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