My senior in university went to Serbia and he had shared all of his experiences through his personal Facebook, which totally made everyone want to indulge the Serbian experience as well.
So, I ask him to write a story of his experience while he's in Serbia and hopefully can inspire anyone out there who loves to adventure! & Click the link at the bottom of this post to follow his journey! 

My experience in Serbia

               If you tell some Asian people about unfamiliar country in Europe, For sure I think Serbia is one of unknown European country in list. That is one reason to make me interesting in Serbia and make a decision come to internship here as exchange student from Thailand.

               First period, I have around 1 month to prepare everything for example visa request, clothes, information, flight ticket, etc. I feel very excited and a little bit concern about my first travel oversea experience.

               As I was a mechatronics engineering student who will take part in Robotic laboratory department, I worry about my knowledge because in my class will major in factory system than robotic function.

               So, I have many thing that have to do. hahaha

               I prepare my clothes because I am very sensitive with cold weather, so I have to buy more of my winter jacket ,long underwear and necessary items.  

               Finally, it's time take my backpack and say "Goodbye Thailand." to transit flight at SVO airport, Moscow, Russia. After that I will go to Nikola Tesla airport, Belgrade, Serbia.
               When I arrived to Nikola Tesla airport, I had to make an appointment with IAESTE staffs at Slavija square; (Big hub of public transportation in Belgrade). I choose to use airport bus from airport because I plan to exchange my currency in downtown.
               After make friend with IAESTE staffs, they take me to student apartment. I feel so excited to meet my new roommate. At IAESTE apartment, I meet others IAESTE student who came from many countries such as Germany, Columbia, India, Brazil, Argentina. It's very surprise because all of my roommates are "engineering student" that is one of my experience to exchange about engineering education system in another areas.
  When I take my luggage, I have to come in IAESTE Serbija office to make an exchange student identification card for many benefits for example; a free meal in the canteen, public transportation, discount for a ticket, etc.
               Now I have my time for 2 days before go to company, but all of my first day I spend my time with jet lag so I will have 1 day for survey in some place in Belgrade. by the way, first thing that I need to survey is interesting place or landmark near my apartment. OMG, The famous fortress is very close to tram line and I can walk to there in 10 minute.

               At this paragraph, I will share about some of the picture of The Belgrade Fortress, Kalemegdan. This place is my favorite park for enjoying in sunset moment. It is a good choice for recreation with your friend or family or one can of beer.
               You can buy some souvenir here such as Rakia drink (traditional alcohol drink), postcard, etc.
                Now, I will lead you all to see some of my intern in IMP (Institut Mihajlo Pupin) as IAESTE student. I take part in the robotic laboratory with some assignment. By the way, I enjoy the environment to learning or eating. You can feel more relax and meditation.

                        And this is another photo about Belgrade, It is an unforgettable memory in my life because I will see some different from my country, Thailand and I learn about new culture, people, and language.

                Near Kalemegdan, You will see the crowded street and one square as the main meeting point, Knez Mihajlova street or republic square.  This place you can enjoy in shopping shop, restaurant, or street shows here. 

                I spent my internship period in Serbia around 10 weeks, I think Serbia is one of the interesting countries in Europe because I take my time to travel around Serbia for example Novi Sad, Nis, Cacak, Zlatibor, Kragujevac, and Kopaonik.
                one of my experience that I can not feel in Thailand is my first time with ski and snowboard in Kopaonik, it very impressed me for my last trip in Serbia with my last couple weeks.

                After I come back to Thailand, I think I learn more about "open my mind" to touch the world and enjoy our life for feeling you are still alive. 






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